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Escorts Agency

We all are friends and have worked for other people, until we decided to go our separate way

Whenever you believe that you have not had the service requested, although we are sure will never happen, we will refund your money or will make the change for you.

We are not a company with the sole intention of occupying our hours, we are a group of girls wanting to relate to gentlemen a certain level.

Our photos are absolutely real and so we offer our absolute guarantee of it.


Escortsbarcelona is something different, is perhaps one of the most serious agencies in our city and we work hard to earn our reputation.


We know what we want and we offer what gentlemen want to be valued, and accompanied by the best GFE.



You’ve found what you’ve always wanted, a safe place full of confidence, absolutely discreet and willing to spend and make you have the best time possible in our company. You can see our pictures, with our faces covered because we live in Barcelona face, we have our family and friends here, so it is impossible to be exposed in the pictures, our lives as escort is momentary, we have other expectations and do not want this job standing in the middle of it, but to offer our image you can call us and see the best possibilities, depending on the miss, we can show you her face to help you decide.

We have never had a negative reaction, we always get better in person.


We can send you our most natural and recent selfie, we can also suggest the best option depending on your fantasy or perhaps propose a good evening out, especially considering you will spend the best time with us.

We are not competing among ourselves, we are friends that depending on the tastes and demands of the customer are providing the nearest approach for him.

We are a team.

+34 631 124 929
+34 631 124 929