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No doubt the first part to unleash the passion is the kiss.

Did you know that on the lips there are thousands of nerve endings, many more than in the fingers, which stimulate desire? That is why kissing before, during and at the end of every relationship is super exciting, because of its many sensory endings take pleasure.

If you want to increase testosterone, it is easy: behave yourself like a lovely lioness, starts brushing her soft contours and when he or she is exciting himself you go follow his rhythm, it will be orgasmic…

The desired and valued kisses should never be lacking in a relationship of pleasure. They are gestures that show affection and love between people whether they are the same gender or different gender, both irreplaceable and highly valued at the time of excitation of any couple.

Delight the other with kisses on every corner of their body is something that will give you much pleasure and desire to move forward and to reach the climax of the excitement.

Try to kiss the mouth, ear, neck and lick all over the body, you’ll have one of the most pleasurable orgasms.

Accompanied with light blows kisses, letting you feel the warmth of your breath and then, with the tip of his tongue, licking the entire area, finishing with a super wet kiss.

Result: An untold pleasure!


We all know what that talking about anal sex is a hard thing to do in our society, there are many who practice it but hide it because it could call into question their masculinity to be a gay trend.

It is as if they were fewer males as well be the definition in our culture.

Nothing is further from reality, something horribly false as much as when they say that men do not cry. Homosexuality is not defined by a sexual practice, to begin with, is much more complex and it has nothing to do with desire and sexual orientation to be more or less manly.

Many homosexuals engage in anal sex and instead many heteros carry it out with all partners on a regular basis, has nothing to do with the sexual orientation of each.

We assume that all sexual behavior practiced by consenting adults voluntarily and without hurting anyone, is valid and accepted.

If you are among them, here are some tips:

  • The anus is an area with many more infection risks than the vagina so condom use is crucial for two reasons.
  • If once anal sex finished you want to penetrate the vagina vaginally, never do it with the same condom, it is strongly recommended to use a new one. This will prevent passing the bacteria into the vagina.
  • Lubrication is very good and important and should always be water-based, as being based oil is likely impossible that the condom breaks.
  • If you want to perform anal sex and your partner does not, try to give her information to encourage her, but never convince her to pleasure yourself, because it will become an irreparable rejection which he will never enjoy.
  • I recommend verbalizing and discussing this topic, both have to agree to get pleasure.
  • The Legend that says that anal sex is painful, is not real, with good lubrication and relaxation you will notice that pleasure is absolutely comparable with vaginal penetration.
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